I recall, not long ago, was chatting with the founder of software that’s getting so popular by the day.

Here’s part of the conversation…

Me: how do you promote your business?

Founder: mostly through Facebook, influencers, and word of mouth.

Me: Oh! That seems like a good strategy, do you spend anything? Do you pay the influencers? What about AdWords, etc.?

Founder: I haven’t spent any money on Ads or Marketing.

Me: and so what’s the potential of the business?

Founder: What do you mean by that?

Me: What l mean is that l’ve seen many website owners spending much cash, marketing on Google, Pinterest, etc… Just to get visits or subscribers. But, l love your strategy, it’s kind of different because you spend nothing on marketing and yet you are getting subscribers.

Founder: Yeah what worked really well is building a community and a great product that works. Many people try to market without being in the community which is harder.

Earlier on, he said for traffic, he usually relies on SEO, he also added that Youtube is possibly another way to promote products.

Well, hope you’ve learned one or two from this guy and perhaps you can apply some tactics mentioned above to your credit repair business.

During the early stages of your business, you ought to solely focus on helping people out for free, provide free consultation and solve their pain points. Provide an option for potential customers to try out your services for free. Let them experience the quality of your services for free so as to gauge whether to subscribe or not.

When starting, forget about ads, you’ll waste your hard-earned cash. Instead, focus on building a community first, prospective customers need to gain your trust by proving to them your expertise. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

By implementing these tasks, you’ll be building a community around your product or business.

A great place to start is

1. Website or Blog

Create a website or blog to expand the horizons of your credit repair business. Many businesses are getting online nowadays and so you should consider it too.

The best thing about conducting your business online is that you can run it from anywhere at any given time. More so, you avoid costs like renting out a space or an apartment.

You’ll just need an internet connection, computer, and expertise. It gives you more convenience compared to brick and mortar business which requires costly expenditure.

The website should have categories like products and services, about us, disclaimer, policy, testimonials, and etc.

Another important factor to consider is that the website should have a blog section where you post articles relevant to your business to attract the right kind of traffic. You get the opportunity to solve people’s predicaments through blogging.

Make sure you conclude your blog post with a question, and don’t turn comments off. You need to analyze and answer questions in the comment section, by doing this, you’ll have a good connection with your readers.

Add social media links to your site and more so at the end of the blog post. This makes it super easy for readers to share your articles on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media kind of sites.

Learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and make sure your site is in line with the good practices of search engines.

When starting, target low competition keywords and churn out articles around them. This is just to make sure your articles contain high chances for ranking in the SERPS. It takes 6 to 12 months to rank, but with a prudent selection of keywords, it can take less than 3 months to rank.

You wanna build a community and reach people with speed, so what do you do?

You need to consider,

  • Guest Blogging

Being invited to post on other niche relevant blogs is a great way indeed to boost your business and get some early referral traffic juice to your blog. Keep in mind that search engines can take time to rank your articles and solely depending on them will drag you behind.

Create a bucket list of like 40 niche relevant sites with high DA and traffic, reach out to them through email requesting a guest post.

Of course, many will repudiate but some will accept. You see, the approval possibility will depend on the quality of your site. In addition to that, some will ask for payments to consider your request. But remember, we are not spending a dime today.

Cooperate with those who will accept your request for free, and get familiar with their guidelines as far as guest posting is concerned.

When guest posting, choose a unique topic they haven’t covered. At the end of the article, include your profile and a little description about yourself, and a link back to your site.

  • Guest Vblogging

Many sites are getting into posting videos on YouTube, talking about the same things as you are. Whilst others are strictly Vblogging channels.

You can request them to feature you in their videos or interview or have a little discussion about the credit repair business.

This is a lifetime opportunity to exhibit your expertise, and answer any queries or concerns subscribers or viewers might have for free. Do not forget to link back to your site or channel.

Consider Facebook as another platform to promote your business. Nowadays, Facebook has evolved whereby you can host live events, and even post videos as a page or individual.

You can send out interview requests to Facebook pages relevant to your niche or credit repair business. Move with those that will accept you, answer any pain points and link back to your Facebook page, group, site. Provide free consultation, this way, you’ll be building a community.

  • Guest Podcasting

Personally speaking, l find it more hectic reading long-form content from the start to the end. So, as result, am leaning towards listening to audios more and more.

Out there, l believe their are folks with who we share the same sentiments. You should consider podcasting as on your blog, and request for guest podcasting on other blogs as well.

2. Social Media

IMAGE SOURCE: TheGoldFinance.com
  • Facebook

i) Create a Facebook page and let it grow organically. Of course, It’s free of charge. You can promote it by using Facebook ads if you have the budget, but today we’re not spending a dime.

On the about page, describe what your page is meant for. Include your contacts or details on how people can reach you, like phone number, email, website link.

ii) Create a Facebook group and on the about page, describe what your group is all about or you can do this on the announcement category.

Provide your contacts such as physical address email, skype plus alternative address that potential customers can reach you. More so, make sure to provide a link back to your site.

iii) Head back to your website and add links to your Facebook page and make sure it appears at the end of your articles. Readers may follow that link to your Facebook page and like.

More so, provide your Facebook group link on the contact us page. This is a perfect strategy when you have many readers with overwhelming questions. They join your Facebook group, ask questions and they get solved by other members who are also experts in credit repair.

On the Facebook page, link to the Facebook group that you created earlier. Your readers will follow that link, join the group to be part of the community.

iv) Search for more than 20 relevant groups, and join. Answer any pain points by users in the comment section and link back to the group that you created.

Post in those relevant groups at least once per day with a link back to your site and group, try to solve any queries, but remember not to spam. Only provide helpful remedies, l repeat, do not spam.

v) Facebook requires you to have a Personal Facebook Profile first so that you can move on to create Business Page.

In other words, it’s impossible to own a Facebook Business Page without having a Personal Facebook Profile. Facebook needs to know who you are, who’s behind the operation of the Business Page. So that it holds you liable in case your Business Page violates their policies.

Personal Facebook Profile and Business Page should be linked, they don’t share information unless if you may want to for the sole purpose of fortifying your credibility as an expert.

On your Personal Facebook Profile, inscribe a short description of yourself, what you do, your expertise, where you are from, your contacts like email, and add links to your LinkedIn account if you have one, Instagram, Twitter, your main website.

Don’t forget to add a link to your Facebook Business Page.

From the Business Page, add a link to the Facebook Group that you created. For example, when l check your Personal Facebook Profile, l would click that link that takes me to your Facebook Page.

While at your Facebook Page, l will click the link that takes me to your Facebook Group.

And while at your Facebook Group, theirs a link that takes me back to the Facebook Page. When new users arrive at your group from the site, they will find your page and like through that link.

Share your articles or blog posts, videos on your Personal Facebook Profile, page, groups and answer any queries members have. You should always be available 24/7, keep your followers engaged. By implementing these tactics, you’ll be building a community around your business.

  • Twitter

Twitter is a great place to start promoting your credit repair business for free. Just sign up and put up a nice profile image or photo that well represents your business.

Same to local listing, you fill in your business details, hours of operation, location, your target audience, mobile number, physical address, and a link to your site or blog.

Now everything is set, begin tweeting helpful information concerning your business, also post on Facebook and Instagram. Post helpful content that can make your followers retweet, this will help you gain more followers.

Use hashtags and the right keywords, and post more than 2 times daily.

Add a Twitter link on your website, Facebook Page, and Personal Facebook Profile.

  • Instagram

Good platform for both photos and videos, and so you can leverage on this. Post helpful content like infographics and make use of IGBTV to post videos.

Just like Twitter, post more than 2 times daily.

Do not forget to add an Instagram icon to your website, Facebook Pages so as to increase more followers. Here’s a great resource about Instagram Marketing.

  • YouTube

Numerous bloggers or product owners are currently producing content videos. Most of them have taken advantage of YouTube as a free platform and theirs a reason behind that.

According to PEW RESEARCH, most Americans use YouTube and Facebook respectively. The percentage of Americans on YouTube is 81% while Facebook is 69%.

This means potential customers are on YouTube, video content appeals to them and so if you are not on this platform, then you are missing a lot.

Posting videos on YouTube is a great strategy to promote your product or business because it’s straight forward than spending hours reading long-form content. Though it depends on customer’s preferences, utilizing YouTube should be part of the game as far as the credit repair business is concerned.

Yes, l understand YouTube is popular among video-sharing sites. But there’s a bucket list of more than 10 video-sharing sites alternatives to YouTube, that you ought to take advantage of. Talk of Dailymotion, TikTok, IGBTV Instagram, Vimeo, Veoh, Facebook, PeerTube just to name a few.

3. Classified Sites

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

These are sites that you can advertise your services and products for free. More so, you are free to post your clutter and get cash for it. Craiglists is the most popular one among many others for instance Olx, Oodle, Classiedads, Backpage.

According to Pew Research, the number of online adults that have used classified ads websites has more than doubled since 2005.

Well, this just points out the role these kinds of sites play in the online world.

For example, Graiglist contains many lists, sections, or categories that you can advertise almost anything. Direct ad placement for credit repair businesses may be tricky, you will need to place an ad for mortgages in the real estate category.

Acquire some potential customers, exhibit your expertise and later convert them into real customers.

4. Online Forums

An online forum is a great platform where people meet and hold conversations concerning a particular topic or subject. You ask questions and get different answers from members or participants.

You can sign up for these online forums, answer any relevant questions to your niche with a link back to your credit repair site. Only provide helpful answers and remember not to spam because members are good at detecting spam content.

An admin can repudiate your response and may get banned as a result. So be very prudent.

Great examples of forums are Reddit, Quora, Warrior forum among many others.

5. Local Listings

It’s simply a kind of listing that contains your business information online such as your address, name, contacts, location, opening and closing hours, etc…

There are numerous free directory sites that you can access and list your business. Talk of Google My Business, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Bing, Yellow Pages among many others.

You ought to optimize your business online, master local SEO so it doesn’t contradict any information about your business.

6. Social Media Influencers

Influencers can help you increase your brand awareness but only if you work with those who are familiar with your industry or business.

There are 4 types of influencers, they include:

A) Nano with less than 10,000 followers.

B) Micro between 10,000 to 100,000 followers

C) Macro between 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers

D) Mega with 1,000,000 plus followers

It’s recommended to work with Nano influencers who are most relevant to your niche. They are very effective in pushing your brand or product forward. ln fact, many brands have reported excellent results with Nano influencers.

Fewer followers equal personal connection thus high engagement. Niched Nano influencers can help you reach your target audience.

They’re (Nano influencers) cheap compared with other segments of influencers.

But here, we don’t wanna spend a dime, so you need to search for Nano influencers who will taste your services for free or rather those who need credit repair. Though you should gradually build a relationship with them first, like their page or Instagram account, comment on their posts with helpful content. Later send them a message. Do not spam.

Showcase your expertise, be professional help them improve their credit score. If they’re satisfied with your services, request them to promote your business to their followers, even just a mention can do the magic. And hey! don’t forget to collect those testimonials.

You can learn more about various types of Influencers here.


As you’ve seen above, we’ve covered numerous tactics which will aid to promote your credit repair business for free. When your business is at a juvenile stage, get into the community and showcase your expertise.

The Credit Repair Business is all about people who want to improve their credit score. it’s vital and personal and so you have to build a personal relationship with people.

Forget about ads, radio commercials, tv commercials, flyers, and anything that consumes your cash. It would be better to forge ahead till you have stamped your authority, otherwise, it would be like building castles in the air.

How do you promote or market your repair business? let me know in the comments section below.